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I asked this girl on a date and she s not replying to my messages.. is this a bad sign?

Well she told me doesn t date army guys and i told her I m getting out soon. She was like, "umm ok" and she said, "Don t put all your eggs in one basket for me." And I told her I wouldn t. I said let s still at least go on one date. She agreed to it. So yesterday we were setting it up. She offered we go to the park but I told her let s get dinner instead. She told me she would probably be too nervous to eat and it s been a while since she last dated. I told her I would make it relaxed for her. So she agreed to it. I offered this restaurant and she said that sounds good. Then I told her the location of the restaurant and she hasn t replied. It s been a day. Is this a bad sign or maybe she s just busy? We agreed to do it Sunday.

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    The way you speak to her comes off as if you're desperate for her, and she's clearly satisfied by it.

    I don't like her "umm ok" and "Dont put all your eggs in one basket for me" comments, saying umm ok should clearly be a bad sign, she doesn't sound happy at all to go out with you. And the second basket comment was just rude, egotistical, and unnecessary. She could've said that way better, but she clearly wanted to be a *****. I don't know why you're taking obvious disrespect.

    The fact that she's ignoring you now should show you that she doesn't want to go out with you. My advice is to ignore her or cancel the date.

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      She cancelled the date on me. She told me shes not in a good place right now to date.

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    The only reason she gave you any opening at all is because you harassed her into it (and she may have worried about the physical violence that is common when a woman declines a date). She has no intention of going out with you and you need to stop pursuing her. When people say some lack a high emotional IQ, this is an example of it. She's given you every hint possible that she's not interested. You're just refusing to hear it.

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    probably or rnaybe her phone is broken

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    I think you can assume she would have been quick to reply if she was interested so no answer is a strong hint that she isn't sure how to refuse and not upset you. Perhaps you should wait a while longer to see if she shows more interest.

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