What is a better option than plastic water bottles?

i read an article about vendors in a park being banned from selling water in single use plastic bottles. what can they use instead? will they just use a water cooler and paper cups? require people to bring reusable bottles?
Update: paper cups aren't practical for people walking around a park, can't put a cap on and stick it in a bag. what if a person brings a nasty smelling reusable bottle from home or one that looks clean but has infections germs on it and brushes against the spout on a water cooler?
Update 2: i've known too many people with hygiene/cleanliness issues and it make me concerned about using less sanitary products like single use bottles.
Update 3: I guess they could have reusable bottles on sale also, but that can be cost prohibitive..
Update 4: years ago, people had better hygiene and it was safer to not use 'disposable' products
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