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Germaphobic problem help?

I have a germaphobic issue when I do everyday activities such as eating, brushing my teeth, open water bottle. When I brush my teeth my toothbrush bristles sometimes touches the wall, another object, my clothes or my fingers. I won't use the toothbrush if the bristles touch something like the wall, another object, my clothes or my fingers. For eating If the fork or spoon touches something else, I will not use it and I won't use them if the head part is facing up instead of the handle when I use them For open a water bottle if my finger touch rim or my teeth touch the rim I won't drink it. So how can I fix these issue? It's annoying to deal with and I want it resolved. Also for food, if I'm eating a snack like a cookie fruit chips etc I won't eat the snacks if my fork/spoon touches something else or my finger touch it. Also when I go to the drying rack to get a bowl or plat I grab them from the outside, not the inside. If I grab them from the inside I won't use them

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    Maybe it would help if you had a better understanding of how germs are spread. It would be nearly impossible to get sick because your spoon touched something. Unless that something was actually germ infested. If you keep your counters clean, they aren't germ infected.

    Germs are everywhere. They're in the air. But for them to have any effect they need a food source. Like rotting food.

    This youtube channel has some stuff on health anxiety.


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    You're a mess.

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