How to recognize this unusual note ?

Playing on guitar. Please take a look on a picture by link below or on the screenshot I paste. I indicate by arrow.  Here I have to take barre chord on fret IV. But there is note  F indicated after I do this barre. But logically, this note  suppose to be on fret III, because there is nothing about, that I have to take this note  not on fret III and not on 4th string. In this beat and by treble clef there is no any alterative signs for this note. Can you please explain it to me?

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  • 6 months ago
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    The note with the red arrow pointing to it is F#; specifically, the first one above middle C. Some people would play it an octave lower on the guitar. There is more than one way to play it on the guitar. The music does not indicate which fret or string is used. It is also F# on the piano.

    • Anatolii6 months agoReport

      Thanks for answer! Can you explain this to me. By the key I see sign ♯ but of 2nd Octave and my note 🎵 is 1st Octave, but this sign still can be used for my note?

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I'm not following some unknown link. Post the picture here.

    • Anatolii6 months agoReport

      I could not paste picture here,so i opened new,same question already with picture by this link, if you with please answer it. Thanks.

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