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how do i clcean a lexmark z22 printer?

I printed a paper. And half way into the sentence it s barely readable. What gives? I hate to buy a new one since this one works. I don t know how to clean it. He ll please.

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    You can try to clean the printer head manually. To clean the printer head, remove the ink cartridge from the printer. Moisten a cotton swab by dipping it in hot water or isopropyl alcohol, and then gently wipe the printer head. Do this repeatedly until it softens the dried ink.

    For models where the printer head is located in the printer, you can put 7 to 10 drops of isopropyl alcohol in the ink receptacle where the ink flows from the cartridge to the head. Turn the printer to self-cleaning mode. You can also leave it for a few hours or overnight before repeating the self-cleaning mode.

    If the print head is located in the cartridge, soak the print head in hot water and let it soak overnight. Dry the print head part using a paper towel and switch it to self-cleaning mode.

    If the hot water soak does not work, place the cartridge printer head in isopropyl alcohol and let it soak overnight. Wipe off the soaked area and dry it carefully using a damp paper towel. Turn the printer to self-cleaning mode to remove any dried ink.

    Run the normal cleaning software routine a few times

    If that does not help, a new ink cartridge may be needed.

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