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Is it true being a fighter pilot only exciting from the start until midway through your career as one?

That you might eventually grow bored of it?

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  • Fred
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    7 months ago

    In the heat of battle there is no boredom. There are 2 objectives, one to destroy the target and two to try and come out of it alive and still flying. There was an English cricket captain once who had been a RAF pilot during the battle of Britain, who was being questioned about the pressure the Australian team were putting on the British team who replied, "this is not pressure, pressure is having a German ME109 on your tail at 300 miles per hour". I bet he was never bored.

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    It’s not exciting at all. It’s hard work and terrifying and painful, and that’s only if you’re lucky and don’t fight a war.

    The training is brutal. If you aren’t nearly perfect, you wash out. And you don’t “make it”, either. You’re constantly being trained and tested throughout your career.

    You have to deal with all kinds of scary situations. Doing high speed maneuvers near ground and other aircraft in less than perfect weather conditions and dealing with equipment failures and other emergencies. Compound that if you’re going to a war zone.

    Flying the aircraft is an assault on your body and mind. Pulling 9 Gs is painful. Doing a transoceanic flight with 5 aerial refuelings strapped into a seat over 10 hours is boring and stressful at the same time. The fusion of data that you have to keep track of taxes the mind.

    Then... the air force decides that they want you flying a desk or teaching new recruits how to fly tiny prop planes. You go where they tell you.

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    Same as everything- the novelty wears off when it becomes everyday the same, but I image real battle never gets boring when you are always seconds away from possible death.

    But that rarely happens nowadays, more are killed from the air by nerdy geeks, sitting in comfort, operating drones

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  • You get to fly the fastest of planes.

    However, it isn't at all like the stupid video games children play where you kill people. If it is, you quickly discover that type of pants shtting terror gets old.

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Ask a fighter pilot. A career doesn't have to be 'exciting' all the time. Purpose and achievement are part of a worthwhile job.

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