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What time will be or is longer, the time before you was born or the time after your death?

Are we in the middle at the end or at the beginning. Or are we just present?

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  • Paul
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    Our existence after death is eternal. It will never end.

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    About 14 billion years passed before you were born. Trillion of years or maybe an infinite number of years will pass after you are gone.

    But you didn't and won't experience time when you don't exist.

  • I didn't/won't experience time in either of those cases, so "neither" is the answer.

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    According to fulfillment of Bible prophecies, we are now living in the last days of this wicked system. Shortly, God will put an end to all of the wickedness and his kingdom will begin to rule over obedient mankind.

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    I think the time after death lasts forever and if we were powerful enough to see it properly - we probably would barely care about our earthly lives at all.

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Time does not exist above the 4th dimension.

    So, that means 1 minute in heaven could be 10 years here.

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