4Chan is Blocking My IP Address from Posting and Uploading Due to Abuse, But I Haven't Done Anything!?

I just started posting on 4chan like a month ago, and right from the start it would tell me I can't make a new thread because "My IP Range is Blocked Due to Abuse" but I'd never gone to the site before! That was frustrating enough but at least I could still post. Now it's not even letting me do that! All I can think of is that on Friday, for the first time I uploaded an image, then when I went to upload another one I forgot it and posted without it, so I deleted the post right away, but very stupidly somehow I did it again so I deleted the post again and then finally uploaded it correctly with the image.

Would that really be enough to block my IP or whatever? And why couldn't I make threads when I never even posted there before?! I made one more post without an image on Friday night, didn't posting anything else 'til today when it didn't work.

Isn't there a way to get un-blocked?

2 Answers

  • LAN
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    They don't block for no reason.

  • They have every right to block you. Just as you have every right to block them. They don't need a reason or tell you. Get over it and move on. The only way you can get unblocked is for that user to do it. It is not a violation for them to block anyone.

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