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Do you think I’m an abuse victim or am I just over thinking it?

As a female in high school I know that people could be mean. So I though nothing of it when my friends would tease me and play fight. I am the type of person who tries to see the best in people even if they are mean to me. My boyfriend says that I am an abuse victim but I don’t think i am. The reason he thinks that is because i have 3 friends friends, friend number one who is a male physically and verbally yells at me he has taken a belt and hit me across the face with it, threatened to trip me, hit me, and kill me. Friend number two who is also male has yelled at me, publically humiliated me by pushing me to the ground when people where around, slapped me aross the face and has even choked me because friend number one dared him to. As for friend number three who is a female she slaps me across the head multiple times dictating how stupid I am in front of a whole class of students. So In your guys opinion should you consider this okay fighting, abuse, or something else.

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    So when was the self esteem and any sense of normality beaten out of you?

    If you read what you have written and not see anything seriously wrong you have problems.

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    It is abuse and you should tell your parents what you told us here.

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    7 months ago

    Put them in your oven,they're gross and unnaceptable.

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    it's abuse, and by the way---nice friends you have--

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