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Dog getting impacted anal glands after neutering?

I got my male dog spayed, he had some tumorous tissue on his testicle and they had to be removed, after that vets said he wil be fine and he was, but when he recovered from the surgery his anal glands got impacted, we took him to the vet and he got treatmen an then he was fine for about a week, after a week his glands got impacted again, and everytime we take him to the vet he gets better for a week or two and then it gets impacted again. Does anybody know whats wrong, is it connected wit his surgery, I am going to take him to the vet again but until then can somebody explain why is this happening, he is 3 years old and never had anal gland issues until his surgery.

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    I think the two situtions are probably just coincidence. Your dog (who was CASTRATED, not spayed) shouldn't have been affected with anal gland problems because of his neuter surgery. Unless of course, he's been producing loose stools since the surgery?

    Anal gland problems are normally the result of period of incorrect stools from incorrect food, or a gastric infection. They are scent glands, located slightly lower than half way down either side of the anus. With a correct stool, they should release a small amount of what's in them every time the dog empties (has a bowel movement). When things go wrong, there can be impaction and then infection. A vet will drain the glands, if you can't do it yourself, and check what comes out (they will always fill up again and if the reason for the problem isn't corrected, you'll be back to square one). I prefer a vet to drain, flush and pack the glands with antibiotic. If this doesn't work, another antibiotic may need to be used. I've had this happen on occasion with mine. Ultimately they can be removed but that's a nasty surgery, and if he's only recently been under a general anaesthetic, to be avoided in any case.

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    Most anal gland issues (esp when they refill this quickly) are due to food allergies. You need to consider if he had developed an allergy to what he is being fed; or whether you have changed his diet or treats.

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    This needs looking at for sure as it is possible there is tumour activity in there as well although I sincerely hope not.

    It should not be connected to the castration but can't be sure on that.

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