What is JD (Jurist Doctor) Exactly?

I am actually at the last year of high school, and (Aiming Law), I am aiming at Harvard Law School, but I have heard they only give post graduate programmes (LLM) and something called JD (Jurist Doctor), which is a prerequisite for LLM there

So what is JD exactly? Is it done after LLB? Or is it a substitute of LLB?

Also, assuming I do not live in US, what are the requirements for doing JD/LLM in Harvards

Do I have to get a LLB degree first? Or even if I could go directly into JD programme, do I have to give the following tests:-

1. SAT



4. Advanced Placement

I live in India by the way

Thank You for your Answer!


Also, are there any co curricular activities, or experience I need to have? For example any social service, or having learned different language or taken martial arts? I have taken class but not won any competition

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    You need to earn a bachelors degree and take the LSAT before you can be admitted to law school to earn a J.D. degree . VERY few undergraduate colleges in the United states offer a LL.B., bachelors of law degree program. A. J.D. takes 3 or more years. Some people will tell you that a J.D

    Is the equivalent of master of ars or master of science Degree but not the equivalent of an Ph.D. or M.D. It's probably somewhere in between a masters and a Ph.D. since I have not been to law school myself I am unable to argue from personal life experience other than I have the equivalent of 1.9 masters of science degrees in life experience in graduate school.

    At some point in law school in the USA you have to decide what KIND of law you want to specialize in. Admirality law is a specialty. Tulane University does have an admirality law program that has an exchange program with European universities. Two of my roommates were French law students. One of them was my roommate for 2 years.


    Source(s): have to have an internship or be a law clerk with a lawyer or law firm before you can take the state bar exam for the state and get a license to practice law. Be careful about which state you go to for law school. Louisiana has a different law code than the rest of the United States, Napoleonic law rather than English Common law Decide WHERE you get your bachelors degree, India or the United States. A bachelors from India might not be accepted.
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    In the USA, you need a four year Bachelor degree and take the LSAT exam before you can apply to any US law school. Law is only taught at the gradute school level. Your undergrad degree takes four years to complete and a Law school is another three years.

    To apply as an undergrad you will need to take the SAT exam and the TOEFL exam. Applications for the Fall 2020 school year will open up in August 2019. Deadline dates to apply will be on Each university’s web site.

    If you plan on attending Fall of 2020 you need to take the SAT and TOEFL exam immediately.

    It is the norm in the US to attend a different university for your graduate studies than where you did your undergrad degree.

    Harvard’s undergrad acceptance rate is under 6%. Last year, 2,037 out of 39,506 applicants were admitted.

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    A J.D. degree is the equivalent of earning a PhD in law. But it is applicable only for the U.S. legal system. As a foreign student, you will be expected to return to India following the completion of your degree.

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    In the US, you have to have a 4 year university degree to apply to a law school. You cannot go directly into a law school. So you take the SAT and probably the TOELF or IELTS to get admitted to a university, and do a 4 year degree in anything. Then you take the LSAT to apply to law schools. They are ALL graduate programs in the US. That's not true in the UK- you might want to look there.

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