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He rejected me because I am no longer a virgin? Help?

I need help to cope with the rejection. I have never been rejected because of my virginity and I feel like an idiot for putting high expectations.

He said he is fond of me and has been asking me out for lunch and such. We are very much attracted to eachother and had a connection. He has been texting me everyday and showing interest up till he ask me that question.

He said he cannot accept someone who is not as pure as him and he wants us to stop.

However, he still wants to hangout and I said no.

I feel so insecure about myself and I hate that I am not a virgin and because of that i lost him.

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    What a way to make someone feel like an insect!! You are so fortunate to get out of a horrible would-be situation where if you continued with him, he would certainly bring out more and more clueless judgments on you on what a woman is all about, what she must do , think, say, go , not go , in his mind. He sounds like a horror movie that you don't want to get mixed up in. You need to be accepted for who you are and that includes all of you, and loved. If that can't happen as he has already measured you up as a flawed woman, run don't walk , away and count your blessings you are rid of this idea of being connected up with this controlled by some tradition of old thinking.

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    He's not the right one for you. You did the right thing.Now you are one step closer to finding a better guy.Have standards.Learn from your experiences so you are in a better place.Its not your problem.You're in front.

    Here are some books you should read.They cover a variety of topics to your advantage.

    1)"Are You The One For Me?"

    By Barbara De Angelis.

    2)”Cracking The Dating Code”.By Janet O’Neal.

    3)"Toxic Friends:a practical guide to recognizing and dealing with an unhealthy friendship". By Loraine Smith-Hines. 

    4)"Date Or Soul Mate?" By Neil Clark Warren.

    5)"Falling in love for all the right reasons".

    By Neil Clark Warren.

    6)"The Little Book Of Red Flags".

    By Natasha Burton.

    7)"Deal Breakers". By Dr.Bethany Marshall.

    8):The Dirty Seven:Ladies Beware."

    By June Marshall.

    11)"The Complete Idiots Guide To Handling A Break Up". By Rosanne Rosen.

    Those books are still available new and second hand.

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    7 months ago

    To hell with those ridiculous societal pressures be you.

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    7 months ago

    He is entitled to his beliefs. He is not entitled to your time. Send him on his way.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Find someone else

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    7 months ago

    Those who practice these values have the right and I am a minister and just keep looking and it might hurt but you will find someone if you decide to be moral and accept things because some guys do want someone who has never been with anyone because they want to save that special moment for marriage. That is how my daughter was raised.

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      There are no special male rights to be sexist.

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    youre better off without hirn if hes going to be like that

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Accept the fact that he has some pretty serious mental and/or emotional issues. He needs help. Also, be grateful. If he rejected you because he believes you're 'unpure', this is a huge red flag. Odds are good that he's a violent ****** who will be a danger to any women dumb enough to get involved with him.

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    Reject him right back for being judgmental and insecure. He isn't special. Everything you like about him can be found in a guy who doesn't care about your sexual history. Forget him and move on.

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    You are probably better off without someone so judgemental.

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