Should i wait for my ex-girlfriend to break up with her bf?

I broke up with my ex-gf about a year ago just because i was in a bad situation no job no goal in life and not even any hope for my life to get any better. I loved her but i thought we should break up it was just good for both of us. we've been together for 9 months. After a while my life gets better and i thought im ready to get into a relationship and since i still loved my ex so i asked her but she was with some other guy so she refused. We hang out a lot and her boyfriend doesnt know that. She behaves like she loves me too but when i asked her lets get back together she said i love my bf and im not going to think about anyone else untill he's with me.

She says her boyfriend is probably going abroad for his ph.D and if it happens they are probably going to break up.

I cant stop thinking about her its been 4 months since we're hanging out again and im totally in love with her i get really mad when i think she's with someone else. I tried hanging with other girls but i cant i just compare everyone with her she's the perfect one for me.

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  • 7 months ago
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    Yes, you need to wait for her to give you some sort of green light or just break up with her current bf. You push her on this one and she'll probably push back, just wait for the right time. It sounds like you are seeing her plenty, she likes you just fine and the current bf will be out of the picture soon anyhow. No guarantees but don't screw it up now, just wait for her to break up with the current guy.

    Since you appear to be single for now and since she isn't really "the perfect one for you" (she may be wonderful but she's really just your best option at the moment - get to be my age and the difference becomes obvious), no harm in looking about a bit for 4 months.

    Maybe you will surprise yourself and meet someone you like better and there is no guarantee things will ever work out for you 2. Maybe the guy will end up not leaving or leaving but they'll stay together or they break up but she still isn't so interested in you. I mean play the odds (and waiting for them to break up then trying to get things going with her seems like the smart play) but also keep looking at other options - there are many other great girls out there, you just haven't met the right one yet.

  • 7 months ago

    Sounds to me as if you two deserve one another 4 going behind her bf back and hanging out as he deserve far more respect than either of you are prepared to give him. I just hope that he finds out before really falling 4 her as she's not exactly even good enough to be considered a trophy wife. And have you never even thought about the fact she might have been doing to you as she's doing to her present bf?

  • 7 months ago

    Are you really prepared to be 2nd best?

    Waiting until her boyfriend goes to get his PhD and leaves her, so you are 2nd choice is hardly a steady foundation is it?

    She has said she wont leave him, so its only when he leaves her she would consider dating you.

    At least her boyfriend has his priotities right and he is going places

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