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what plants do you feed to (chicken) Hens.?

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    Hang up a cabbage, by a bit of rope, they will love pecking it, pretty much with any round vegetable, cauliflowers, cabbage, they like ears of corn, they don’t know the difference between weeds and crops though (they can devastate a vegetable patch)

    They will eat pretty much everything, insects, bugs, even mice if they get into the run

    You can even use egg shells but they should be crushed up and about a week old (break them up so they look nothing like eggs or they might start eating their own eggs, known as egg eaters, the last thing you want)

    You can feed them meal worms, live or dried for extra protein, but they should have plenty from their feed/mash

    In the winter, mine get rice, oats just the thing on a cold winter morning, they enjoy it and it’s fun watching them eat it

  • oikoσ
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    Mine like grass clippings, mint, pretty much any table scraps (other than white potato peels), clover . . . .

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    you just leave the hens open in your farm/garden/backyard and they will eat the plants they want. they can almost eat any vegetables and btw hens are omnivorous.

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    corn, rice

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    Corn and other grains.

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