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Getting rid if a fear?

Is it true to fight a fear or phobia is to face it head on?

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    That's how I fight mine. Once you face it and get through it, like most things in life, its not as bad as you actually thought it would be.

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    I guess it depends on the situation. sometimes I find redirecting my anxieties that are overwhelming me to soothing, comforting thoughts helps.

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    It's not that simple. If you get claustrophobic in elevators, forcing yourself to ride in elevators probably won't reduce your claustrophobia.

    It's admirable to confront our fears, but that can be done in different ways. You get over your fear of falling off a bicycle by developing grace and confidence in addition to screwing up the courage.

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    I think acknowledge that this is just something that you have, it doesn't make me any less of who you are, and you shouldn't beat yourself up over it.

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  • 1 year ago

    Its one possible way. They call it "immersion therapy".

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    Yes but don't do anything extremely dangerous if you don't want to. Like grab a snake willy nilly or go stand on the ledge of a roof.

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