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Girl I feel the hatred sapping for, loves me instead of her boyfriend. I KNOW IT How do I make her see?

Ever since I tried to move on with my life and actively blank her, out of hatred for forgetting her true feelings for social status, and because I'm being the best version of me I possibly can because I just can't grasp the asshole type of guy, she now ignores me actively, could this mean she loves me to? I stopped all contact with her, and I think to begin with she missed it, she knows I am trying to move on, I would completely turn my head away from her walking by her, except one time I acknowledged her when I was just feeling really good, but then I decided to no longer be a pushover, and just magically become her friend with her wanting everything her way, and she knows full well this is what I'm trying to achieve, so why is she now trying to ignore me herself? She even tried to say hi to me a couple of times after a few months of completely blocking her from my life, the only way she could see me was through where I work. I know deep down it's me she loves, I just know. This guy shes been dating for probably two years now just came completely out of the blew, but her body language cues for me years ago were to the extreme and I can't shake her making me feel miserable not being with her. Why is trying to forget her not working? How do I make her see that it's me and not him.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Stop ignoring her then?

    If she has boyfriend and you are around her then you need to do something special to get her attention so you become important to her!! One side you are trying to get over her and expect her to make you priority? You need to make people feel special so they want you in their life.

  • Dd
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    7 months ago

    no ! Move on, have great luck with everything please,

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