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I had sex (condom ddn t break) & aftr 4 days had mild cramps like that of period(still present)& lower backache,could they be a preg sign?

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago
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    Did you use a condom from start to finish? Did you check it to make sure it didnt slip at all?

  • 9 months ago

    no.....4 days later? seriously?

    • Ziphoh9 months agoReport

      Yes , I had sex on the 8th may(night 22:30) and cramps started at the 12th May very early the morning(5 am)

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  • Pippin
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    9 months ago

    There are no pregnancy symptoms 4 days after sex. You aren't pregnant until the fertlized egg implants -- and that takes at LEAST 6-7 days, and usually longer. (And another few days before hormone levels are high enough to trigger symtpoms.)

    I see no reason to think you are pregnant. Pregnancy does not normally cause either cramping OR backache. (At least not until much later.)

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  • John P
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    9 months ago

    It is generally reckoned that conception might occur around 4 or 5 days after the relevant act of sex. Many women have very few or no symptoms of pregnancy for several weeks, some not for a month or two.

    If you need to know for sure, use a pregnancy test kit at least 2 after you last had sex - read the instructions. Most likely the condom did the job it was supposed to do..

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