Do gay white guys from red neck America know that Asian men exist?

I have been online dating using the app and there is a bunch of questionaires like do you prefer to date your own race. A lot of white guys from states like Tennessee and Dakota have stated that but have sent likes to me which I find ironic. I am an Asian guy who lives in Hawaii. My style is very preppy but that doesn’t make me look any white at all. My sister who lives in Washington told me maybe because people from those states are not exposed to much Asians and when they think non-white they are probably referring to blacks. Is this true?

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  • 7 months ago
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    Yeah usually when talking about race in the states people (well white people) only think about whites and blacks and "Mexicans". And a lot of times asians get this sorta weird "basically white" pass while everyone else is lumped in with the "basically black" or "Mexican" crowd.

    There are asians of course but theyre less common in some states than others. I think the main thing is probably the whole fetisization of asians. Theres an "exotic" factor about asians without there being the social stigma that comes with other races

    Other races get it too but asians get some of worst of it. asian men espessually are seen as more "girly" or feminine so dispite you being a guy that could also be a component of it.

  • 7 months ago

    Hi from North Dakota!, my name's Mark I'm 17 and gay. Yes, while I don't self-identify as "red neck" I understand your point. It's not racism at all. In fact, I love African American guys, but the problem is that at least in my almost-rural town there are none, much less Asians. I know Hawaii is an awesome place and full of diversity, as well as California and Washington itself.

    I please ask you not to tar everybody with the same brush. I particularly love Asian men and had crush on many J-movies' actors.

    You just have to find the correct person: open-minded and kind.

    Very kind regards.

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