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Anyone else experience first trimester bleeding during pregnancy?

I am 6 weeks pregnant. I started having sharp cramps on Thursday lasting a few minutes. Went to the bathroom and thought maybe it was gas, I had passed a number 2. Still felt cramping. About an hour later I feel a wetness went to the bathroom and there s drops of blood in my underwear. I immediately go to the ER and they diagnose with me a threatened miscarriage at midnight after an internal ultrasound. Cervix still closed, baby in the uterus. They told me I had a fold on the top of my uterus and that I was RH negative (o negative blood type) and my partner is rh positive, o positive blood type. They gave me a rogham shot for the rh factor. Still in the ER at about 2:30 am bleeding is still light, I go to the bathroom and blood is still dripping but than I pass a blood clot the size of a quarter. I tell this to the nurse, he doesn t say much but beside that it could be "confirmed miscarriage" refuses to get the doctor for me. I only bled through one pad since Thursday no more cramping, just tiredness, and bleeding has been light and has stopped today on Saturday. I go to the obgyn mo day to confirm anything. Just wondering if this has happened to any other woman and have gone on to carry to term or if this is defitnely a miscarriage now.

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    Update: it was a subcourse hemmorhage, baby is 6 weeks with strong heartbeat nothing is wrong with it :)

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    We would only be guessing but to be honest it doesn't sound good and does sound like a miscarriage but lets hope I am wrong, Good Luck

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    ER doctors seem to always diagnose "threatened miscarriage." Can't tell you how many times I've heard stories about that exact same thing, and even of ER doctors prescribing mifepristone to help it along, and the doctors were wrong. Unless you miscarry *while* in the ER, I wouldn't ever trust what an ER doctor says until/unless an OBGYN confirms it.

    Cramping in early pregnancy is very common. Light bleeding can be, though the clot is more concerning. But unless you start bleeding so heavily that you're soaking through pads, it's still possible that you've been misdiagnosed. Your OBGYN will be the one to trust on this. From now until Monday, just try to rest and stay hydrated with your feet up, and hope for the best.

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      Yes, I didn't trust anything they said. They were not helpful at all and I was there for 8 hours and left pretty empty handed on having any answers. And thank you, I'm trying to rest and stay calm until Monday.

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    I had first-trimester bleeding with my first three children. My oldest is almost 20 and healthy, my son is 18 and 1/2 and healthy, and my third of 16 healthy.

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      That makes me feel a little hopeful for Monday just worried because of the cramps and the clot

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