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What happens if a loose racehorse interferes with other horses on the track?

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    nothing, the result of the winner still stands

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    My answer is referring to graded stakes races, which are thoroughbred horse races in the United States:

    Obviously, interference is against the rules, with or without a Jockey. Horse racing is a very dangerous sport. However, I don't believe there has never been a case in history that a race horse that lost his jockey caused a problem on the track by interfering with other horses. It's, also, fact that it is very rare for a horse to lose his jockey. These are quality horses, and even without a jockey trained race horses know where the finish line is, and will make it there by the end of the race if allowed. When horses workout on the track, they're always asked to run hard until the finish line. It is what they know, horses are very smart and they learn. Thoroughbred racehorses love to run and they enjoy beating the other horses. Horse-racing enthusiasts like to say that the jockey accounts for 10 percent of a horse’s performance on any given day. As indicated the outriders will try and catch the horse and pull him up. In any event the rule calls for disqualification if "a leading horse or any other horse in a race swerves or is ridden to either side so as to interfere with, intimidate, or impede any other horse or jockey." If the horse loses the rider after the break and before the wire, the horse is disqualified, not least because he is abruptly carrying substantially less weight and a horse must cross the wire carrying the same amount the rider weighed in at before the race. With that it's important to have a jockey. Jockey's can help a great horse win. The best jockeys know an animal’s strengths and weaknesses. Plus, the best jockeys will understand these differences in the horse they ride on, and the other main contenders of the race.

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    Most jockeys know how to avoid loose horses in running. This happens more often in National Hunt races in any case **, and if the horse falls and gets up again, it eventually runs out (around the fences) rather than keeps on jumping without a jockey onboard. More proof to me, that horses were never meant to jump!! If this happens on the Flat, it can cause chaos, but again I've never seen one prevent another horse with jockey from winning.

    I guess you are referring to a specific race where you live?

    ** Which is why the comments made here by people outside the UK. LOL. We have no 'outriders' to collect loose horses. And we don't pony our horses down to the start either which I think is much better as you can see the horses' paces as it goes down (to the start). You'll see a lot of UK jockeys, competing in the US, going down without a pony.

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      It's always good to hear facts and opinions from both sides of the pond :)

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    A loose horse is very dangerous. You can probably imagine. Thankfully this was not the case with Bodexpress, he stayed cleared, just kept on running as some do it without interfering. If the outriders can he will try and catch the horse and pull him up. Good horsemanship is needed in these cases to stay clear of trouble. The worst or best can happen here.

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