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What type of furniture can we buy for our apartment if my mom wont let me buy anything?

Let me explain.. my mom does not want me or my fiancé to buy things since we are getting married in October and she says people want to buy us stuff.

My neighbor already gave us a couch and a chair for the living room. We have a queen sized bed and a dresser for the bedroom which is my fiancés from his room at his parents. We have a brand new television I won at my job.

I cant buy a dining room set because my mom says someone wants to buy us one. I cant buy plates and stuff because she says someone will buy us that. She said no to a toaster although we have one my fiancés mom said we can borrow.

What can we get for the time being. We are getting married in October and i guess we can deal without some items for now but what can we do for a dining room set for now... my mom suggested a patio plastic set for the time being but my dad got mad when i told him my mon suggested that :/

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    so wait till after the wedding.

    You have no idea what you will be getting for gifts. Why waste money buying stuff you will get as gifts.

    what makes you think you NEED a dining room set? ANY old table and a couple of chairs will do till the wedding.

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    8 months ago

    You buy what you like, too bad if people buy you stuff, you can sell it! your home, your choice what goes in it!!!

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  • drip
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    9 months ago

    Who buys a dining room set as a wedding gift? Who buys a dining room set without the couple’s knowledge. How the heck do they know what you want or what will fit in your apartment? Usually you get a small kitchen table and chairs for an apartment

    And how many guests are you having at your wedding that you would be getting fully stocked apartment out of their gifts?

    Now a days it is very common for guest to give a card with a cash or check or gift card.

    You need to make a registry at a couple of stores.

    Go to Goodwill and pick up a few things you will be needing.

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  • 9 months ago

    unless you & the folks are loaded,money now vs money then in a few months,add it up,license cost,stipend for the minister,or presiding judge who conducts the ceremony, expenses usually footed by the broom,I mean groom,money for a new house,apt rent,condo,, between now & then,visit thrift shops,they often have nice stuff for 90 percent below what the brand name stores have,got a dad you could bat your eyes at & ask if he would help,,blinkblink? cmon pop pleaaaaaaseeeeeeaaaaseeee?

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