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Can I get in trouble because my child has a mark because I accidentally whacked him with his toy lightsabers while playing?

No I'm not trolling I promise. My 9 year old is a massive Star Wars fan and I buy him Bodybuilders lightsabers which are toys that let you build your own lightsaber. Well he loves having lightsaber fights against me and we have them a lot. Well today it went wrong and I accidentally bashed his face. He wasn't crying but there is a red mark. I would NEVER hurt him on purpose and I was horrified. I'm scared I'll get in trouble if I say why he has that mark on his face to his teachers. In my defence though everyone knows he loves Star Wars lol. I feel horrible. And I know I should be more careful.

Btw please no saying I shouldn't have lightsaber fights with him. All kids deserve some fun. However I'll be extra careful next time as I feel terrible. Anything I can do to get the bruise out of his forehead by monday?

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    Not if nobody finds out, you clearly feel guilty so just move on and don't let it happen again

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    Next time beat your child in a place where the bruise won't be easily seen.

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    Nope. Bruise heals at a certain rate. Don’t you watch CSI: Miami. A woman accuses her husband of giving her a black eye. One of the tech points out that her bruise doesn’t match up to the timeline. The tech points out how the bruises go through several stages as it heals. So the tech wipes the bruise and the makeup comes off.

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