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Easy foods like avocado toast to make?

Like it doesn’t have to be similar to avocado toast but just foods that are easy for a college student to make like




Avocado toast

Any advice?

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    Fried egg sandwich on pita bread is good

    Sweet potatoes cook very well in a microwave- about 8 or 9 minutes on high for a huge one that is a whole meal in itself. Add a little cooked chicken meat to it, and it's dinner- or breakfast. Or half for one and then the other. Sweet potatoes are very good for you. also, look for the bags of flash frozen chicken tenders. they cook very quickly and you can just take out what you need.

    You can actually cook fish in a microwave- works for raw salmon or white fish like cod. Put it in a microwave safe dish with a little water for about 5 minutes, covered with one of those plastic covers or plastic wrap, and it's done! Cold salmon is great for breakfast, filled with protein and omega oils. Look for "fish pieces" at the market- they're just as good as the bigger pieces of fish, at less than half the price.

    Hard boiled eggs are great to have around, because you can boil a bunch of them and keep them in the fridge just to have when you are hungry and don't have much time. they're also inexpensive protein. Leave the shells on until you're ready to eat them. dab on a little mustard or mayo or a little salt. YUM!

    Greek yogurt is also a really good thing to have around. It's yummy with honey or maple syrup on it. It's great on cooked chicken (especially if you put some in a cup in the fridge with a little dill!). It's good for you, and will help keep your GI tract happy with extra good bacteria that tends to get low when you're under stress or not always eating right. But, it's actually good stuff too.

    You can make anything into a taco, if you have some white corn tortillas. You can microwave one for 1 minute to make it crunchy, if you don't have a pan out.

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  • 8 months ago

    Pasta puttanesca., pancakes, omelette, sandwich, french toast

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  • 8 months ago

    Learn to make omelettes and crepes.

    Omelettes are super easy and cheap, use good quality eggs, real butter (I like Kerrygold salted) and whatever else you happen to have on hand.

    Crepes, I use whole wheat pastry flour are super cheap to make (google for a french crepe recipe). I make mine a little thicker than I see many recipes for, about 1/8 of an inch. That gives me a substainial base to fill with whatever is in the fridge or that I’ve dreamed up. I make them without sugar to be super versatile for savory or sweet options, sometimes I add a little orange peel microplaned in.

    When I make crepes I make a whole big recipe and the leftover crepes keep well in the fridge.

    Fritattas are also cheap and easy, I make them with cheese and veges - my big skillet handles a 9 egg fritatta full of veges. Fritatta are super versatile, you can do Greek themed, mexican, french onion, whatever. You can add meat or not. And they keep for a few days and work for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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  • 8 months ago

    peanut butter and banana sandwich(or apple slices is good too)

    tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich.

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  • 8 months ago

    White beans cooked with tomato sauce on toast with cheese.

    Pita pizzas/tortilla pizzas

    Potato and leek soup.. just boil potatoes and leek together with broth and garlic then blend it up and it will last you a while. Filling.

    Scrambled eggs cooked with spinach and mushroom, maybe some cheese.

    Cottage cheese/yogurt and blueberries/other fruit

    Chia seed pudding. Just three tbs of chia seeds sitting in milk for a couple hours or overnight. SUUUPER filling. Top with fruit.

    Celery dipped in peanut butter/banana slices with peanut butter

    Blended up frozen mango topped with nuts and berries for a thick, ice cream like smoothie bowl. Works with frozen bananas as well

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  • 8 months ago

    baked beans on toast.

    canned spaghetti on toast.

    peanut butter sandwich

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  • Mark
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    8 months ago

    CHEESE on Toast.

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  • 8 months ago

    Boiling water and hot dogs.

    Often do that myself when home alone.

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