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Isn't it cheeky of the USA government know you are illegal overstaying your visa, but as long as you're paying taxes they don't come for you?

They know where I live, I pay taxes and bills like internet, electricity etc.

Funny thing is, there's all this pressure on news about immigrants and deportation. Are they trying to keep illegal immigrants in the USA using psychology? Pressurising us in a negative way to make us fight to stay here? By the way, I want to give a big fck you to Trump, I hope a terrorist blows him up

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    I agree with you. Fck the law, do what you want as long as it harms no one.

  • Foofa
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    1 year ago

    Call it "cheeky", call it corruption. But yes, the fact that the US caters to campaign donor businesses that use illegal labor to suppress wages IS pretty messed up. Also, the only people working illegally who pay taxes are those using stolen SS numbers and the few who've taken the time to apply for ITIN numbers. Everyone else is working for cash under the table and pays nothing but sales tax.

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    There are many, many illegals and USCIS mainly focuses on the ones who have committed crimes like murder, rape, and robbery for deportation.

  • That’s because when you’re rich enough you can get away with breaking just about any law, since the government values money more than anything else

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    of course friend if you're any illegal immigrant as long as you're paying your taxes the government couldn't care less about you because you're contributing free money to social security you'll never get it back unless you become a citizen

  • Lisa A
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    1 year ago

    The government's corporate masters need illegals. They need them to drive down wages for everyone. They will not be happy until slavery is resumed, and their labor costs are $0.

    The hatred is spewed in order to pit Americans against illegals. So that we don't see where the real problem is. With those who need, encourage, hire, and enable illegals, and with those who will not enforce the laws that we already have, This is a time honored strategy. It goes back to the end of the Civil War, when whites were pitted against former slaves, in order to keep them too busy fighting to see where the real problem was: the plantation system.

  • RICK
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    1 year ago

    If you overstayed your visa you are as ******* criminal and I hope Trump gets your azz deported

    I'd rather have 100 illegals that snuck over thee border then 1 piece of schiit like you who violated my hospitality

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