Savana asked in HealthOptical · 9 months ago

I am feeling something in my eye that is really bugging me. It feels like something is poking at it moving, what could this be?

It basically is moving when I looked in the mirror, and every few seconds I will feel a bump like the thing inside my eye is moving, I’ve tried everything, but this is driving me crazy! Could it be a bug, virus, or just me?

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  • 9 months ago

    eye lash

    • Savana9 months agoReport

      Could the eyelash move my actual lid tho?

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    If you see it, it might be a floater. A hemorrhage in the eye. A minute drop of blood suspended in the eyes fluid. Most people have them.

    If you feel something, like under the Eye Lid, that might be a sty. An infection "bump", which usually go away in a few days. Annoying while they last.

    Either way, Go to your Ophthalmologist. You might need medication to help or care.

    Do you have diabetes and/or high blood pressure...

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    • Savana9 months agoReport

      I also wanted to make it clear that this happens without blinking. It will move every 2-3 seconds then stop for about 5. This has been going on for an hour, and I’m quite irritated.

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