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Is this a good reason to ask for a scholarship extension?

In 2016, I received a $5,000 scholarship that I applied for. I had to fill out an application, be interviewed by 12+ people in the same room, and had to attend a ceremony and give a speech in front of 100+ people.

The terms of my scholarship state that I am to use the scholarship within two years from the beginning of the fall term of the 2017 scholastic year, but I can write a request for an extension that has to be approved.

I have used around $1,000 of my scholarship for books. But, the deadline is coming up soon, and I'm not sure that I will be able to use it all in time.

I couldn't use the scholarship for tuition because I already had other scholarships covering it, but I do not have any scholarships for my final two years of college.

How should I write a letter for a time extension? I want to use my scholarship because I worked so hard to get it.

Thanks For Any Help

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    Before you ask for an extension, find out if you can use the funds to create a credit balance at your school's bookstore to work against in future semesters. Aside from that, tell the scholarship committee what you've mentioned here - that you have worked hard, have been very careful with their funds, and would really appreciate being able to access it over 4 years instead of just 2.

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