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Can you catch syphillis as a Virgin?

So when I was 16 before I lost my v I noticed a red thing on the tip of my penis I wasn't worried and thought it would go away but it didn't it's now like a year later & I only lost my v with a condom but it's still not gone & after doing research online I found out it could be syphilis so I checked the symptoms and I've also got a rash on the soles of my feet so I'm really worried... I've had this since being a Virgin (+ previously had an operation on my penis so surely they would of seen that if it was there at age 13). I went to a pharmacy to get a testing kit but they could only offer chlamidya testing which came back negative... 1, How would I of got syphillis as a Virgin, 2, How do I get it treated without going into a clinic 3, should I just order the treatment online and take it just in case?

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    No you can’t, and that doesn’t sound like syphilis either, that is a painless ulcer that goes away in a short time.

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    1 year ago

    condoms don't protect the parts that a condom doesn't cover.

    you can still get herpes and HPV with a condom - so possibly syphilis as well.

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