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What's wrong with my tv ?

I got a Vizio tv 3 times this month it's **** off for no reason. I try to unplug it and plug it into different outlets I just got mad and unplugged it for good because even though it's on it's saying no signal I think it's done for. I've had it for 4 or 5 years I keep telling my parents over and over I need a new one but they don't listen they think it's a connection through there's it's not. I actually don't know if it's the tv or my outlets my phone keeps screwing up it says charging ac or makes me battery charge backwards these outlets in my room are old but my dad is building a new house I know he won't put in new ones. I don't know what's going on I've tried everything. WTF is wrong with my tv ?


I meant to say shuts off not sh@its damn auto correct

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    A Visio TV will automatically shut off after a set period of time with NO signal being received by the TV.

    You really need to check your connectons to your source of TV. As a test try playing a tape in a old VCR and see if you get a picture. turning the TV off and then back on resets the no signal timer.

    If you are using an HDMI signal as the sourch try the other HDMI port there should be at least two.

    It could be your power outlet but doubtful. In the USA a outlet should be between 110 and 130 volts AC. A voltmeter check will confirm this, or plug in a lamp and see if it works.

    Get a part ime job, save your money and buy a new TV and then you won't have to rely on your parents. Money is probably tight for you parents especially if they are building a new home, Homes are EXPENSIVE.

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      Sorry typo it is Vizio. I hit the wrong key and didn't catch it.

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    freezing picture mostly on animal planet but on other channels also just not as much

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    My guess is that you have a bad cable connecting your cable box to your TV, or the connection is simply loose. I have this problem sometimes with my Visio and I have to jiggle the HDMI cable a couple of times to make a better connection.

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    Wiring problems in a house Can Not make a battery "charge backwards".

    That would be caused by a defect in either the charger

    or the charge controller in the phone.

    The TV problem can be diagnosed at least in part by methodical troubleshooting.

    You need to keep track of Exactly What Happens under Exactly What Conditions.

    If all else fails, remember that TV repair shops Do still exist.

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