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Please professional answers only! Can a Building Guest Wifi track my mac adress back to my phone and find out who I am and what I looked at?

Please computer professionals only!!! First off I'm not too familiar with computers and IT terminology so please excuse my mistakes. Here it goes so I work in a building where they provide guest Wifi and before you log in you have to sign in and accept terms to not look at bad stuff or things of that nature etc....my question is if I did go to a bad site on my cell phone and once I reached this bad site it said the site was blocked would they be able to trace it back to me...I've done research and couldn't find an answer I read into mac adresses linking to cell phones...so basically I'm wondering if I went to a bad site like porn and it got blocked would the network administrator or IT guy be able to pinpoint and direct it back to me or would he just be able to see someone tried accessing a bad site. My main concern is getting in trouble and fired please I know I shouldn't be looking up bad sites it was a mistake so please if you dont have professional answers dont reply... basically to sum this up if I used a cell phone and logged into guest building wifi would they be able to track it back to me thanks again for all your help


I wanted to note that I did not have to provide my name or anything to sign into the wifi just had to click agree and sign in

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  • Dave
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    8 months ago

    Absolutely. Your cell phone can also broadcast your actual name, as well. For example, if you have an iphone, and during setup you named it "Daves iPhone", they will see that information as well. They can also do a search on your MAC address, and at the least know who made your phone (i.e. it's manufacturer, Apple for iphone/ipad etc).

    If you were dumb enough to do this at work, yes, it can literally be traced back to your phone.

  • Nancy
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    8 months ago

    Yes. Absolutely, without a doubt, yes.

    • jason8 months agoReport

      Even if the sign in information was just a sign in link I didnt have to provide any information like my name or what not

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