What medium should I use to paint on a movie screen?

I plan to paint or draw on an old portable movie screen that's compact and rolls into a 4"x4" x 36" box.

It's quite yellowed and has a lot of that movie screen grit.

Any thoughts on what kind of paint, marker, or something else might work on that kind of surface and still allow the screen to be occasionally rolled and unrolled?

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  • 7 months ago
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    Maybe very light layers of fabric paint! However that might not be opaque enough. You could also try paint pens, but test a few brands out on rolled up paper first, to make sure you like how the paint sits after it's been rolled and unrolled a few times. Your biggest concern with most paints is it peeking/flaking off. Basic craft paints seem like a bad idea because they tend to be very flaky. Oil paint works really nicely on smooth surfaces like glass, I've found, so that could be an option, but it takes a very long time to dry, and I'm not experienced enough with it to say how it might behave once dry and rolled up.

    • Onlooker
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      7 months agoReport

      Fabric paint. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks.

  • mars
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    7 months ago

    Water-colour paint.

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