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KatieC asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 11 months ago

How do I lighten my hair from here?

Yesterday, I bleached my naturally dark blonde but dyed auburn hair with kaleidocolors and applied a violet toner. Now, it’s at a manageable middle stage, but I still want it lighter and less yellow. My question is will I be able to use a dye to lighten it next time around? Or will I need to bleach and tone again?

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  • 11 months ago
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    The best advice anyone can give you is to see a professional colorist at a salon for any further bleaching or coloring. You've already do a lot to your hair and the chemistry of what may take, not take, or interact with what is in your hair cuticle now is hard to guess. If you don't want to end up with a botched job and a crew cut, spend the money on a professional job and get advice from them on what to do at home.

    • You would have to bleach it again and tone it again.
      Dye doesn't do the same thing that bleach does.
      I would suggest seeing a professional. They can put an anti breakage product in with the bleach, to help reduce / prevent your hair from breaking off.

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  • paul
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    11 months ago

    you are trashing your hair

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  • David
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    11 months ago

    For best advice have a word with your barber because he might know of other men with the same problem

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