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What birds have blue feathers in Ontario? I need one for my wedding?

My fiancé and I live in Ontario and are planning to get married soon, I want to give her a blue feather on our wedding day but I want it to be genuine from a bird not dyed. I’m wondering which birds have blue feathers in the northern Ontario area.

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    I'm not American, but don't mockingjays have blue plumage? Not sure if you find mockingjays in Ontario of course.

    You should be able to acquire a peacock feather fairly easily online, they're greeny-bluey.

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    Amazon has plenty of real bird feathers that you could buy

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    Blue jays. What do you plan to do, catch one and remove a feather? Seems a little drastic, difficult to do, and not good for the bird. I suggest buying a feather. Google 'blue feathers undyed'.

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