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Is it difficult to switch from United to Lufthansa airlines at Chicago airport?

International flight from OKC to Germany thru Chicago. Layover.

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    Helps if you allow enough time so that you do not have to run to next flight.

    The O’Hare Airport Transit System​ (ATS or “people mover) is closed 24/7 to finalize modernization efforts and expansion of the system. There is a bus system to move you around inside the security zone. Follow the signs.

    Lufthansa departs from Terminal 5

    You will probably arrive at Terminal 2

    Depending on method you use to get between terminals you can avoid a security screening wait.

    As many things can happen to delay your arrival in Chicago not a good idea to plan on pushing the limits to be last on board your Overseas flight.

    there is a wait for the bus to take you to terminal five.

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      REASON you check the information screens at the Airport for last minute changes.

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    It may be time-consuming, but as long as you can read and have allowed yourself a realistic amount of time to do this in, it is not 'difficult'.

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    Yes. O'Hare is the worst airport to change from domestic to international and vice versa. You have to change terminals- which means waiting for a bus and then going through the whole security thing again I hope you have plenty of time between flights.

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    Only if you cannot read. If you can read, the signage makes it easy to find where you want to go.

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