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Why do some people choose not to have kids?

So isn’t the whole point of evolution to reproduce and pass on your genes? However to my understanding humans are the only species that can make a conscious decision not to have kids. I know people that have willingly never had kids in their life.

Is this some flaw in evolution? Since evolution is all about passing on our genes. Is there some evolutionary reason that some people choose not to reproduce? Why are humans able to do this but not other species? Thank you

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    The old saying is: "it takes a village to raise a child". In biology, altruism refers to behaviour by an individual that increases the fitness of another individual while decreasing the fitness of the actor. Altruistic behaviours appear most obviously in kin relationships.They allow an individual to increase the success of its genes by helping relatives that share those genes.

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    1) because humans _invented birth control_.

    2) you're wrong actually. Due to animal biology there are many kinds of sex that don't result in pregnancy. Dolphins and whales, for example, consciously choose whether or not they want to have sex that can get them pregnant. They had this ability long before humans.

    2) evolution doesn't ask us what we want and isn't some kind of thought to purpose.

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    Mainly, it's because humans have the ability to use reason to determine their behavior. There are many reasons that people decide not to have children. The fact that they might have had a bad childhood themselves because they are pursuing a career or because they decide to adopt children that are already born are just a few of the possibilities.

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    Overpopulation is a drain on the resources and space.

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