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How do I restore my storage on a CD? The original size was 22.5GB but now it's at 18.8GB and there's noting on the CD?

I was using it as USB Drive storage but when I put the disc back into the rewrite disc and put files in there for storage it put it as "waiting to be burn" but it wasn't formatted into a DVD only a USB drive storage. So I re-formated it and now there's nothing in the CD but it's stuck at 18.8GB

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  • 1 year ago
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    didnt know cd's got that big. however, you should understand that a CD/DVD has Sessions(most people close the cd completely after writing the 1st session but for example a bootable cd needs at least 2 sessions, the boot floppy image and the Other image with the files in it eg an OS install set). A pc can only show you the LAST session so far created, thus any previous session does not appear and the cd space left reflects the amount used by that session or sessions prior to that. a Virtual CD such as magicISO might show you previous sessions present on the cd.

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  • 1 year ago


    When You use the builtin Windows software for CD / DVD burning it doesn t actually CREATE the disc You wanted to burn.

    The data You tell it to burn actually goes into a tenporary "burn queue folder" & then Windows gets kinda confusing to actually BURN THE DISC.

    If You want to actually burn a disc instead of filling the cue way beyond the CD capacity of 650 Megabytes, or a DVD beyond the capacities of 4.7 Gigabytes for regular discs, or 8.5 Gigabytes for a "Double layer" DVD ... Then download & install "Imgburn" which is free & very simple to use.

    There are many other utilities for burning discs, butthis one s very easy to figure out & not loaded with adwares & extras You don t need.

    G Luck!!!

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  • 1 year ago

    When you reformatted it, technically you erased it clean, period.

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  • Norm F
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    1 year ago

    Have another thought of your problem and then rewrite the question as your question above make no sense at all

    • Here's a rewrite for you: CD shows up as 18.8Gb, original space was 22.5Gb. How do you restore the original space after reformat? If it erase it clean the data should come back, however it dosen't. No files show up on the dvd yet it's full.

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