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Fulano asked in TravelAsia PacificJapan · 7 months ago

How do I find more of this Japanese candy?

It came in a random assortment bought from Amazon. They don't have any details on the listing, just mentioning a few brands, so I was curious if you could let me know what it's called, thanks!

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  • Ben
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    7 months ago
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    It's Doraemon Marukawa marble gum. It is gum, so I do hope you haven't actually eaten any of it.

    As for where to get it, it's listed in various Japanese sites, like Amazon.co.jp, but I don't know which, if any, would ship to the West. You may need to use a proxy.

    • Fulano
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      7 months agoReport

      I'm curious where the other answers went... there were a couple good ones among all the spam and point farming... :)

      I assumed it was gum, makes sense it was cola flavor. Thanks!

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