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Can I get into legal trouble?

I sold a TV for $60 not knowing it was broken. I was told by a Walmart employee I just needed to replace the cord. I have 2 TVs so I put it for sale on letgo and let it be known that it needed a new cord. Someone bought it and told me it was broken. I felt bad and offered him the money back. He never messaged me back. A few weeks later he’s asking me for the money. I recently was in TWO car crashes and went to the hospital. I now owe $600 to the hospital I went to, have a ticket for no insurance, and am in debt now. I work making $8.30 an hour and don’t have any extra money. I pay $150 for car insurance now and on top of that rent. I wish I could give him the money but I don’t have it. He is now threatening legal action. Can he even do anything? I didn’t know the tv was broken and when I tried getting the money to him twice he didn’t respond. What can I do?

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    You offered refund. He did not claim it.

    you do not have to give refund.

    you did not knowingly sell a defective product and it is buyers requirement to test before purchase.

    That he would not take the refund when offered gives him little for legal action in the future.

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      The buyer couldn't test the set before he bought it -- the power cord was broken and needed to be replaced.

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    not over such a little amount

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    When you sell something like that as a private seller, as far as I know it’s usually considered an ‘as is’ sale. Therefore, the burden is on the buyer to make sure they check out the item thoroughly to make sure it’s in working order. The buyer could have asked you to plug in the TV before he bought It to make sure it worked but I’m assuming didn’t. I’m not a lawyer but it seems to me you don’t have any exposure as far as him taking legal action. Oh wait, I just read that you said that you told him about the cord. So definitely there’s no legal exposure for you to worry about

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    You sold it in "good faith" I don't think so, but you could correct your mistake.

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    I don't really think so.

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    you can afford to send him $20 now and $20 in a month.

    tell him that's all you can afford and be done with it.

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    Caveat Emptor... Let the buyer beware. You screwed him, but it is legal.

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    law was made Satan so take the tv and run into the woods,, God Bless America

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    prepare youself to go to jail

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