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vegetarian dinner?

i'm thinking of going vegetarian and dont worry ive been doing research for a little while and wanna be heaps knowledgable before doing it because id have if it went horribly because i didnt think ahead. Anyway a lot of the dinners Ive been seeing on websites are like full dinners but the rest of my family (theres seven of us so they arent going to change their food for me obviously) isnt going vego. The dinners we would pretty regularly have are like some sort of meat or chicken or something and tehn veggies on the side. The main thing i'm trying to think of is what I'd have instead of the meat? Maybe like veggie sausages or something but I really want something i genuinely enjoy enough to choose.

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  • Jerry
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    You have to "think outside the box," to erase your ideas of dinner being "meat and 2-3 sides" or even "a main dish plus sides." Instead offer your family 2-4 meatless selections and let them figure out for themselves how to not starve, you know? If there is vegetable fried rice, roasted Brussels sprouts, cole slaw, and boiled eggs to choose from, surely there's something for everyone? And the leftovers are such that they can be recycled into a future meal, not thrown into the waste bin, yes? And of course there are one pot meals, like a soup or stew with a raw veggie & cheese plate, like pasta primavera with salad, like green bean casserole with baked sweet potato, like stuffed peppers with a side of cabbage?

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  • Louis
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    7 months ago

    Yes, you can certainly add a vegan sausage as a "meat replacement".

    In many grocery stores they carry Field Roast - they make a couple of different "sausages" that are made out of gluten. Very tasty.

    There are also a few companies that make other kinds of meat replacement. Of course, patties, but also cutlets, sticks, wings, strips, curls, and ground.

    But a lot of your families dinners can be eaten almost as they are.

    For instance pasta sauce. Just ask the cook (or do it yourself) to add the meat into the sauce last. but save a portion for you before the meat goes in.

    If there is a burrito or taco night you can just make your own and not include any meat.

    And sometimes you just exclude the meat. Like if they have steak with mashed potatoes and peas you just mix up a big bowl of mashed potatoes and peas.

    If they are having fish with steamed veggies and rice. You just have a big bowl of steamed veggies and rice.

    You just have to think outside the box. and if you are worried about nutrients - just make sure you get the ones you are worried about at lunch.

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    I find the biggest mistake is that people make it all too complicted. They mix dozens of ingredients and fuss around for hours. No wonder they soon get sick of being vegetarian and go back to their local take-away.

    Keep it simple. Fresh veges, lightly steamed or baked. I don't know about sauces or other toppings as I never use them. Some cheese if you like dairy. Don't forget the nuts and tofu. Bake yourself some quick simple pastries if you like. Rice is easy and quick to steam or boil. It all should be quick and easy. Fresh fruit for desert.

    There are better things to do with time than spending hours slopping food about like on some TV food show.

    Edit: I forgot to mention: when you are really pressed for time, or are otherwise indisposed, there is always Quorn or nutmeats.

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    vegetable lasagne is delicious!!

  • Blonde
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    7 months ago

    Some highly processed vegan food is more unhealthy than switching over to ‘whole food’ eating, to include eating fish but still rejecting land animals. You need protein and a healthy heart. Putting a bunch of chemicals into your body is not healthy....please read labels.

  • CB
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    7 months ago

    You can get the same nutrients from rice and beans combination or quinoa and you really just need to concentrate on eating way more side dish (vegetables). A large portabella mushroom cap cooked properly on the grill is a good burger substitute.

    I am not a vegetarian but do like the Morningstar products, Original Grillers and the breakfast sausage patties are very close to the real thing - no complaints at all.

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    The only thing I find anything like acceptable as a "meat substitute" occasionally is Quorn.

    It's basically a kind of mushroom-like protein and as bought, quite similar to chicken.

    You can get it as chunks, strips, mince, sausages etc.

    (I'm not a vegetarian).

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Try Quorn, it comes in all sorts of varieties. Burgers, sausages 'chicken' pieces, mince and even ready meals. Easy to cook and some of the lines are available fresh and frozen.

    It's not meat but it's a fair alternative.

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