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Hi, I have a friend trying to set me up with a guy. My friend just informed me that the guy said he has a bad history?

My friend told me the guy has a bad history but he didn't get into details. What is a bad history according to guy? I realize that this is probably a stupid question, cause every guy will probably have a different opinion, so please no smart cracks or mean comments. I want honest polite responses only. I'm trying to figure out whether I should ask the guy about his history or not, but I don't want to pry either. I'm trying to figure out if bad history is referring to bad relationship history, or is it a history that I should be concerned about, like rape, jail time, drugs etc. It's scary to me cause I don't know this guy at all and to be honest my friend doesn't know him well either. I hate blind dates. Not knowing someone is kinda scary to me. Should I accept this guy's texts? I'm honestly not sure what to do. I probably would've been ok with a blind date if my friend, would've known him for a while. I want a serious relationship but I'm not desperate. In a guy's point of view what is considered a bad history?


Thanks for your responses. I want to ask him about his history but I'm also not sure if my friend was supposed to share that info with me, so I don't want to get my friend in trouble. I'll have to figure out how to ask the guy in a subtle way.

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    I believe it would be fair for you to inquire about the degree of history. But most likely it is something the guy is ashamed of and maybe even made him a better person so might be something that he talks about (which would explain why your friend knows about it)

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    this is a good question!

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