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Can’t say R sound?

I am in highschool and I can’t say the R sound. It’s embarrassing when I talk, so I don’t talk that much at school. And when I do, I do my best to use words that don’t have the letter R in it. I have watched millions of youtube videos and none of them helped. I’m fustrated and don’t know what to do anymore. Help? Thank you.

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    Unless you have a deformed mouth, you can make an "r" sound. Go to a speech therapist and s/he will have you saying it properly in about five minutes.

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  • Lôn
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    7 months ago

    Let me guess you pronounce it as a 'v'? Chris Packam does that...'vevy vevy veckless' for 'very very reckless'.

    Try pretending that you're revving a motor bike..and say brrrrrrm, brrrrrrm...try NOT to sound like ' bvvvvm, bvvvvvm'.

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