Does it count as losing your virginity if you ve been [cont.]?

I m a trans guy and I ve had a few intimate encounters with my boyfriend (who is also not cis), but I m unsure if I ve lost my "V-Card" or not. We haven t had any penetrative sex, but I have been, uh, fingered by him a few times. I m just a little confused about it, since I know most people consider penetrative sex to be the defining factor :/

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    7 months ago
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    virginity is a state of mind... there is no "v-card" in the real world.

    You decide if you've been sexual enough to claim you're no longer a virgin, no one else can do that.

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    Virginity's main value is in the marketplace, where women with intact hymens fetch the highest price. Otherwise, it's just symbolic and can be defined any way people agree to define it. It's most often the other person's definition that matters. Boys who are gay (and who don't have a vagina) usually regard anal sex as losing their virginity. In your cade, penis or fingers, vagina or anus, that's for you and your boyfriend to agree on. No one else should matter or care.

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