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Henry asked in Dining OutOther - Dining Out · 7 months ago

Is SurveyJunkie a ponzi scheme.scam?, as soon as I went to cash out, it did strange things to stop cashout, and now says a red message.?

I didn't, and then it said it would take 6 days for customer service, and then after that suddenly said my account was locked for failed attemps but eithier made none or 1 mistake, hardly a bunch of failed attemps.

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  • A.J.
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    7 months ago

    Survey Junkie is legit for what it is. It's not a Ponzi Scheme, Pyramid Scheme, or Phishing site. You fill out surveys and get paid a little money. They have been around since about 2005 with the Survey Junkie started in 2010 and have a lot of members filling out the surveys. That site is designed for computers rather than cell phones. There is also a country list you must be in. All of the sites have customer service issues. You either work through the issue you have or move on to a different survey site.

    This site is one that rates the survey sites


    reference their Survey Junkie review


    Trustpilot also OK'ed Survey Junkie, and others shown at surveycool.

    • Henry
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      7 months agoReport

      I just have seen and been hit by no less than 5 ponzi bitcoin investment sites within only a 2 month period of time, so I can't be too careful of sites I've never heard of..

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