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How do I clean my carpet with bleach?

I have beige colored carpet, it's a light beige so it's not like it's dark. And it must be to cleaned it with bleach to kill spores. Is there a right way to do this? Or no matter what it's going to be ruined?

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    What 'spores'? And if 'spores' are there, then how did they get there and how do you know they won't come back? If you mean black mould, then unless the cause is fixed, its just going to be a constant problem. Ordinary bleach will kill your carpet, so why not try hydrogen peroxide? In a dilute form, it will kill the spores without ruining the carpet.

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      Sorry, I should've clarified, C. diff spores

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    Yes you can go to the place that sells hair supplies and beauty supplies and by 40 hydrogen peroxide mix it with water 1 quart to a gallon of water! That will kill the spores and it's far less likely to bleach away the dye. It's about twice as much as chlorine bleach but it will kill the spores and clean up the carpet. Giving you a much better chance not to bleach it all out of color

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      you might want to check into that because I was told that many normal antibacteirals do NOT kill C Diff bacteriaum

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