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Would you be friends with a white girl who said she wish every black person was as nice as me?

This girl is known to say racist comments about black people. One of her popular one was "why do black people always steal from rich white folks." She was referring to a black girl who stole her purse. That comment went around school.

In science class the teacher had us do a valcano project. The teacher gave every one a partner. The racist girl was my partner. She didnt seem to have a problem with us being partners even though her boy friend was in the class too. Me and her were talking about the project then we started talking about Taylor swift, Katy perry 50 cent. This was after we got done.

Then one day she and her friends were talking about me. I must have walked passed her class. But she said if every black person was as nice as me I wouldn't have a problem with them. And they said I was kind of cute. My friend who was also in that class told me she said that about me.

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    Yes, I would be friends with her. I know that if she had a bad experience, she will probably have some good ones too.

    I’ve done bad things, people didn’t like, but l’ve done good things and many people trust me.

    You will make Mistakes too. Should you be punished/labeled FOREVER?

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