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Why does Puerto Rico want more, why werent they happy with the water bottles Trump threw at them?

Those ingrates want more!

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  • Functioning infrastructure, reliable sources of power, an environment where opportunity, empowerment and entrepreneurship can thrive. Jobs.

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  • 8 months ago

    That actually is the perfect description of the socialist homeless industry people in my neighborhood who are getting tons of government subsidies to supposedly do homeless outreach, who drive around in vans, jump out, hand homeless people water bottles that they can then litter on the ground and piss on the sidewalk after drinking, but the volunteers have long jumped back in their mini van with the rest of their new t-shirt wearing volunteers that then pat themselves on the back and call themselves do-gooders, like they actually did something helpful. From my perspective, they seem more like they are trying to ensure these people stay out of their own neighborhoods, whilst giving themselves rewards to pad their resumes, to make people think they care, when they are the total opposite. I wish they'd all just get the hell out of my neighborhood, frankly. They do more harm than good and certainly aren't wanting to help anybody. If they actually did things to fix the problem, then their subsidies would probably go away. And it's turned into a billion dollar socialist industry in my state. Especially in the bigger more liberal cities.

    In regards to Puerto Rico, they're not a state. We can help them but they're not a state.

  • 8 months ago

    PR is a territory of the US. They want as much of a free-ride as they can get without wanting to become a state. Just more Libs thoughts and actions. Water bottles was more than enough.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    They won’t be voting for trump.

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