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Can you answer this about the Kentucky Derby?

I noticed that in this race all the disk jockeys are super short. Whats up with that?

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  • John
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    7 months ago

    Over the years the jockey class you see took over racing due to the fact the body index mass is height proportional and the competition was simply too heavy due to their height.

    Muscle is put on and gets

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    A jockey can be of any height if he or she still can make the assigned weight as stated below, but it is generally limited to fairly short individuals because of the limits on a person's body. The taller one is the heavier they are. The average jockey has a light but athletic build, and body weight is anywhere between 108 to 118 pounds. The weight assigned for the Kentucky Derby is 126 pounds (including jockey's body weight and equipment). Jockeys typically range from about 4'10" to 5'6" in height.

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    In the UK, races have upper weight limits and usually with height, goes weight. We have had several young jockeys who as they get older, if they keep growing it becomes harder and harder to stay within the weights required and stay healthy! Aiden O'Brien's successful son Joseph, had to give up race riding, even National Hunt (although I don't think he was keen on going over jumps?) because he just grew and grew. He is now training, successfully too.

    Horse racing jockeys are not disc jockeys (unless in their spare time!?)

    This doesn't only apply to the better known Ky Derby!

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    A disc jockey is a person who plays music for a live audience, usually at parties.

    Horse jockey's are short small because the lighter the rider, the less work the horse has to do. Jockey's are short but stronger then many regular size me. Note there are weight limits but not height limits.

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  • 7 months ago

    The less weight a horse has to carry the faster it can run. The smaller jockey also causes less air drag.

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