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Is it true that muslim men lock their daughters up in closets to protect their virginity?

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  • Kelly
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    10 months ago
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    Radical ones might, but the majority do not.

    It also depends on what culture they live in. Not all Muslims are from the Middle East. Some who are Middle Eastern were born/raised in the U.S. and not everyone who is Muslim is middle eastern.

    I dated a guy for a while who is Muslim and his parents are from Lebanon, but he was born/raised in Michigan. He's just as American as I am and more so follows American traditions. He's quite respectful of women and people in general, I can't see him doing this. He's tolerant of everyone... doesn't matter the race, religion or gender to him. He's a trauma surgeon and even if you spew Muslim hatred at him... he'll still save your life if you come his way and need it.

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  • 10 months ago

    i hope not, and if you know sorneone thats doing that turn thern in

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