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What was the workforce like during the 1990's?

All the Millennials were being groomed and formed by their parents during the 1990's. Many of them were born in the 1980's, so they were little kids during the 1990's.

What was the workforce like during the 1990's?

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    1989 had just entered Officers training School US. Army.

    From Graduation. I looked for a Posting to an Airborne

    Command. Accepted by the 101st Abn. Finished that

    program. Was then nominated to the Q school at Eglin

    AFB for Special Operations Training. Finished Q school.

    Got Winged at graduation. Then assigned to 5th Grp.

    Bravo Company,2nd Battalion. At the end of 30.

    I would do it all over again.

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    The job market got tighter. In the 1980's if you left a job you could find another one inside of three days. It wasn't hard. But in the 1990's the recession was hitting again and things were harder to find as fast.

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    I was 'out-of-town' for most of the '90's .................

    Source(s): Retired Army SFC ......................
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