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How has easy access to the Internet affected religion in this country?

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    In my opinion it has resulted in a drop in religious beliefs. There is virtually unlimited information on the Internet, and this is the result.

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    And what country would that be? You do not say. The Internet - and this Yahoo website - is international.

    Therein lies the answer to how the Internet affects religion in EVERY country in the world. It allows access to information people would otherwise not be able to obtain. That can be good for helping people who have been given misinformation and disinformation about a particular religion they are warned not to join. They can then find out the other side of the story about that. Of course, it works exactly the opposite way, by spreading misinformation and disinformation about religions and so putting people off them!

    This means that such access to information about religion becomes neutral - cancelled out.

    However, there's another way that has a very negative effect. The Internet makes many addicted to distraction; ignoring other people we should be interacting with on a personal, one-to-one level; enabling us to get buried by secret vices; losing a sense of the significance of real life on this planet; becoming cruel to others on the Internet. With respect to religion, this isolates people from the interaction of religion with fellow believers and makes them think they can just pick and choose what beliefs to take on board. People stop reading books about any given religion, just going for sound-bite phrases that sound snappy to them. This is about growing ignorance and distortion. People's perception of religion and faith is becoming warped and they don't realize that is happening to them. They can get lured into an unreal 'world' - a cyber-world - a kind of escapism - and the Internet can actually become an addiction for many, a substitute idol in place of any deity.

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    7 months ago

    Better and easier access to facts and information drives down religious belief.

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