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Are "Powered Subwoofers" worth it?

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  • NCA6.7
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    Some are, some are not.

    In this case, a powered subwoofer uses a "plate amplifier". If they are under 300 watts, they are worth it. Powerful powered subwoofers over 500 watts aren't worth it. Because, the plate amplifier is installed inside and onto the enclosure. When the subwoofer hits hard and loud, the subwoofer does damage to the plate amplifier.

    Here is what people experience when the "plate amplifier" is damaged.

    1. The amplifier does NOT turn on. (Very common)

    2. The amplifier clips on and off. (Common)

    3. The subwoofer NO longer hits hard and sounds good. (Common)

    4. Lacking of low end frequencies. (Rare)

    5. The same frequency produces out. (Very Rare)

    6. The amplifier heats up, burns up, smokes up. (Very Rare)

  • 1 year ago

    Best ones I've had experience with was Bazooka.

    Not subwoofer tubes, but the actual brand Bazooka.

    My Infinity Basslink is garbage. The internal amplifier gave out. I've read that it's a common issue.

    Although I could still run an external amplifier to the subwoofer, that's just more $ spent on an already expensive setup.

    Most powered woofers are 10" or smaller.

    You'd probably be better off with upgraded speakers like a component speaker system and a amplifier to power em.

  • Robert
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    1 year ago

    Would rather upgrade speakers and their feed leads, suggest minimum of 42 strand. Had experienced one make of power amplifier suffering from excessive condensation moisture inside it's metallic casing.

  • Hmm...maybe, maybe not.

    One of my friend has a 10 inch powered sub in his car. He said that he doesn't know how to install an amplifier and wire it to the sub. But that's not true, he just can't afford an amplifier, a sub, the enclosure, he's using a 100 watt powered sub from his house and running it on a power inverter.

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  • 1 year ago

    Some are, in the right circumstances.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    A powered subwoofer in a car is 'worth it' if you want quick easy installation and don't need a huge amount of bass

  • Adam
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    1 year ago

    In a house yes, in a car...sounds great but in a car, not so much u less your a boy racer, I mean in terms of sound quality yeah it’s miles apart

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